Tourist tax could be charged at the airport and ferry ports.

02-07-2014(c) Sergio G. Canizares

The regional government in the Balearics has requested a meeting with the ministry of development, which has responsibility for national infrastructure such as airports, in order to discuss the possibility of charging the planned tourist eco-tax at the islands’ airports and ports. 

The regional minister for transport, Joan Boned, has formally requested the meeting, at which other key issues for the Balearics would also be raised.

In a letter to the development ministry, the government explains that the option of charging at points of entry would create a more equitable system and wider distribution among tourists and would also be an efficient system of collection.

 The government is looking at different options for collecting the tax, including the tax being added to airline tickets, something which is the least preferred option, as it is said to be logistically the most difficult. Collection at airports and ports does seem to be the preferred option, hence the meeting with minister Ana Pastor. The other issues are to do with the possibility of introducing a flat-rate price for inter-island flights in the Balearics. 30 euros is the price that has been mooted.  


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Frederick / Hace over 6 years

Well well . When will they ever learn ,when will they ever learn . ,no the first time their have tried this about 13 years ago their wanted to charge villa and hotel owners this tax in each client , it seen to just disappear ,we paid extra on the rent of a finca that we stayed each year for a few years . If they do this it will STOP people coming to the gem of the Med "Mallorca" .


Des Duffy / Hace over 6 years

The plan to introduce a tourist tax is only going to penalise the very people who keep Majorca from going under, it's a ludicrous idea but why am I not surprised? as a property owner on the island we pay a tax for being 'non resident' as well as a tax based on the assumption that we rent our property, which we do not. If your partner dies and the property is jointly owned the surviving partner has to pay 10% tax on the value of the deceased partners half just to claim what was already theirs. I could go on! As a previous Tourist Minister once commented "The Majorcians need to stop treating tourists like a medicine they need to take"


Steve Riches / Hace over 6 years

Complete stupidity! You may as well post a notice saying "We don't want you here!" The cost of collecting and distributing the tax will probably outweigh the income. If it is to be collected at the airport the place will be a chaos of queues. Are those of us who own property and/or fly in regularly to be exempt - or are you telling us that despite bringing wealth to the island that we are no longer wanted? Is the tax planned to be per stay or per day, and who will manage the mountain of paperwork involved? The idiots who run tourism to this wonderful island need their heads testing - their efforts are feeble yet tourism is the single biggest earner for each man, woman and child on this island. Promote the place properly, welcome tourists with open arms so they enhance the economy and stop sending out the wrong messages. Any "tourist tax" will be another laughable disaster. Get off your backsides and promote this lovely island in a proper manner.


Pollensa1946 / Hace over 6 years

"Collection at airports and ports (on entering) does seem to be the preferred option"

I can just imagine the queues in the summer as people are paying. The passport inspection queues are bad enough, add in a pay desk and Mallorca has a death wish for tourism.


Palmadave / Hace over 6 years

Could someone give the definition of the word 'tourist' please. If I visit Mallorca on business a number of times a year......will I pay the tax. If I own property in Mallorca and visit a number of times a year...will I pay the tax. If I live in Mallorca will I pay the tax when I return from a trip abroad???


lennart bjolgerud / Hace over 6 years

The logics of denouncing a tourist tax to me seems flawed. In the context of increased hotel prices I believe tourists would find an additional single euro completely irrelevant.What would make it more interesting and appealing would be if the tax solely was dedicated to improve environmental aspects. Me personally would vote for using the proceeds to implement a forward looking strategy for dealing with all aspects of residuals handling.I believe this island would benefit massively from spending money on waste management.Most towns and villages still suffer from collection points that tends to be overloaded and underserviced.On top, the containers on average are very aged and the separation principles are rarely adhered to.


Graham Jenkins / Hace over 6 years

This "Tourist Tax " Will be as unpopular now as it was a few years ago It could kill tourism as people will go elsewhere


Sean Dobson / Hace over 6 years

If the tourist tax is re-introduced then it't bye,bye Majorca for me,I will not be used as a walking cash dispenser.


Stan The Man / Hace over 6 years

I apreciate Spain and the Balearics,Canaries have spent billions of Euros. Supplied by the European Central Bank ( Foolish ! ). However, trying to recover their debts in this manner is too obvious. They charged Tourists a " Clean Up " Tax, around 20 to 30 years ago. It was collected by the Hotels. We were informed that if it was deemed illegal. On writing our addresses, on Hotel Fors, we would be refunded. I DID NOT RECIEVE A REFUND!!!!. Collecting this new Tourist Tax should not be at any stage of entry or exit at the Airport. It should not be applied at all. The more the Tourist is levied in these ways, will kill the Goose that lays their Golden Eggs !!.


Ian Morrison / Hace over 6 years

Does the government not think that tourists bring enough money to the island without charging them more?