Tourist tax could be charged at the airport and ferry ports. | (c) Sergio G. Canizares

The regional government in the Balearics has requested a meeting with the ministry of development, which has responsibility for national infrastructure such as airports, in order to discuss the possibility of charging the planned tourist eco-tax at the islands’ airports and ports. 

The regional minister for transport, Joan Boned, has formally requested the meeting, at which other key issues for the Balearics would also be raised.

In a letter to the development ministry, the government explains that the option of charging at points of entry would create a more equitable system and wider distribution among tourists and would also be an efficient system of collection.

 The government is looking at different options for collecting the tax, including the tax being added to airline tickets, something which is the least preferred option, as it is said to be logistically the most difficult. Collection at airports and ports does seem to be the preferred option, hence the meeting with minister Ana Pastor. The other issues are to do with the possibility of introducing a flat-rate price for inter-island flights in the Balearics. 30 euros is the price that has been mooted.