The tennis academy, which is presided over by Rafa Nadal, is busy taking shape and will open next year.


Work on the Rafa Nadal Academy is continuing apace. Its doors will open for the 2016-2017 school year, and its services and prices for courses have now been made public.

So, for instance, to live in at the Torre dels Enagistes centre in Manacor, to undertake general studies and to receive training in the Toni Nadal method will cost 56,000 euros a year.

The academy is to offer four different programmes that include tennis training, accommodation and a language course. The prices will range from 1,830 euros for 27 hours per week to 6,588 euros monthly.

The summer camp will cost 2,110 euros, and the annual price for the academy and the high-performance centre will be 56,000 per annum.

The year’s course will involve 17 hours of tennis training per week, eight hours of physical conditioning and the academic course at the Rafa Nadal International School, with classes in English. In addition, there will be medical care and checks, physiotherapy and nutrition services, competition coaching and psychological and mental training.


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Ramadevi / Hace over 4 years

Hi Iam Rama from India. Iam interested to join my son in your academy annual programme. I want to talk to your academy people regarding some topics my contact number is 9542456444


Elizabeth Howard / Hace over 4 years

This will be the best in the world and will cater for all aspects of development, tennis, education, heath and nutrition and the holistic aspect.


Debbie / Hace over 5 years

Why Steve , has Djokovich won more slams than Nadal? And an Olympic gold and won a slam on every surface? No, Rafa is a legend, Djokovich has a long way to go, before he catches up!!!!


lisa simpson / Hace over 6 years

Its actually a better deal than where Rafa trained when he was 14. Its a complete deal. If you add in all the extras he didn't have when he was doing his preparation the deal being offered at his school is actually cheaper. When you consider a year at university is between 12.000€-25.000€ without meals, accomodation, transport.....its not a bad deal.


Sean Dobson / Hace over 6 years

Looks like I will be sticking to my local park.


Steve / Hace over 6 years

Better to learn to play tennis at the Djokovich Academy surely.