Cladera has forecast an increase in the government’s revenue. | r.l.


The regional government’s minister of finance, Catalina Cladera, has forecast that the government’s revenue will increase by 191 million euros in 2016. This estimation is based on tax rises for wealth, inheritance and gifts as well as the incorporation of two new taxes - the tourist tax and one on large retail outlets.

The government has included the tourist (or eco) tax in its budget forecast, even though it has yet to be decided when and how it will be implemented.

As for the tax on the retail showrooms and stores, there is similar vagueness. The minister suggests that it is certain to go ahead, but noises from the office of the presidency are hinting that there are complications.

The announcement was made after the cabinet had set its spending limit for 2016, that part of the budget which isn’t taken up by the payment of debt and interest.

The final budget has yet to be formalised, as the spending limit is a key stage prior to this being done.