The Balearic parliament has unanimously approved a motion raised by PSOE for there to be a thorough analysis of educational infrastructure in the Balearics and for measures to be introduced to improve it. The approval was made by the Commission for Culture, Education and Sport, the PSOE parliamentary deputy, Enric Casanova, criticising the current state of some schools and describing them as “inadequate, deficient and with serious problems related to facilities”.

This situation has arisen, he maintains, because of the austerity measures and cuts applied by the previous Partido Popular government, which “reduced investment to nothing at a time when the population is increasing, as are its needs.” 

Casanova highlighted the need for new schools to be built because of the increasing population, and he cited the specific case of Formentera where there has been a 25% rise in population in the past four years. “We believe that educational excellence comes from acquired knowledge but also from the infrastructure which can carry this education forward.”