Tourist tax money will go towards the environment. | joan torres

Tourism minister Biel Barceló told parliament today that it was now time to make contributions that should be on behalf of society from the sustainable tourism tax.

Answering parliamentary questions, Barceló stated that priorities for the revenue from the tax would be directed at environmental conservation, although other purposes are to be considered, such as the preservation of heritage and training.

Barceló said that the debate (regarding the use of the tax) was now open, something which the Partido Popular did not understand, so that organisations and the general public can offer their ideas as to how to develop the regional government’s initiative (in bringing in the tax).

Maria José Ribas, a PP parliamentary deputy, asked the government to rethink its intentions with regard to the application of the tax. In the PP’s opinion, it will take the same route as the one-time eco-tax did, and that ended with being repealed.