Island Escape left Palma for the last time today. | G. ALOMAR

A study carried out by the Balearic Port Authority in collaboration with the University of the Balearic Islands has concluded that the cruise industry is worth an estimated 289.66 million euros per year to the Balearics.

The study was based on figures provided between 2001 and 2013, and researchers also discovered that the industry creates 2,878 jobs of which 1,867 are directly related to the cruise sector while others are suppliers, coach drivers, guides, etc.

The report, which also claims that cruise passengers spend an average of 112 euros per day in port, coincided wit the final departure from Palma of the liner Island Escape. She first visited Palma on 12 March, 2002 and since then has become the cruise ship to have made the most ports of call in Palma -  a total of 427.