Minister Vidal visiting the Albufera Nature Park.

The regional minister of the environment, Vicenç Vidal, has said that the appeal by the developer of the golf course project on the Son Bosc finca in Muro next to the Albufera nature park will be dismissed by the government. This will mean that the finca will be "definitively protected". "What is Son Bosc," asked Vidal during a visit, "a natural protected space or a golf course?" It will be the former, stated Vidal, on account of its "high environmental values".

The finca was declared to be a special protection area, something which the developer (a consortium comprising hotel groups led by Grupotel) challenged. Support for this came status from the Ramsar secretariat for the convention on wetlands, while specific species were identified as being of importance to the finca, such as an orchid, bee-eater birds and the Eleanora's falcon. 

Work on developing the course was halted in 2010 - Vidal was the director for biodiversity with the regional government who sought the suspension - and the decision to do so was subsequently ratified by the Balearic High Court.