Unemployment in the Balearics rose by over 19% in October compared with September, 10,813 bringing the total number of unemployed to 67,344. These numbers, issued by the national ministry for employment and social security, show that the Balearics experienced the highest increase in unemployment in the country: the national average was 2%. Nevertheless, the unemployment rate when compared with October 2014 was down almost 11%, with 8,169 fewer unemployed.

Across the country, there was a 2% increase in unemployment, meaning that the nation’s unemployed total 4,176,369. There were 82,327 who found themselves without a job last month, which is more than in October 2014 (by just over 3,000). This year’s figure was, however, lower than the ones for 2011, 2012 and 2013. October is a month when there is always an increase in unemployment because of the summer season coming to an end. Since 1996, when the current system of counting employment/unemployment was introduced, there has never been a decline in unemployment in October.