The Indian summer that Majorca is currently experiencing will last until the end of next week at least. Mariá José Guerrero, the head of the Balearic branch of Aemet, the national met office, says that maximum temperatures are due to be two to three degrees higher than usual, while rain is not being forecast. Highs on Wednesday, as examples, were 25.1C in Son Servera and 24.7C in Pollensa. Across the island, the average highs were between 22 and 24C, when the usual temperature for the time of year is 20.5C. Guerrero adds, though, that no records are being broken and that highs of this nature are not uncommon.

The variance from the norm will not be so marked when it comes to minimum temperatures. These are forecast to be one degree higher than usual, i.e. between 11 and 13C. Nighttime humidity is likely to be high, however, and will range from 80 to 100%, dropping to 50-60% during the day. Heavy dews and foggy spells are typical for autumn, when storms can also be triggered.
For the first half of November, rainfall is forecast to be light. Though the month began with some downpours, conditions, notes Guerrero, will be stable until then, producing the Indian summer.