Criminal offences in the Balearics fell by over 4% between January to September.

The national government delegate to the Balearics, Teresa Palmer, presenting the report into the balance of criminality for the nine months, described this trend as “positive”. Included, as there were, figures from the main tourist season months, which are typically more of a flashpoint than other months, the fall was to a total of 53,258 offences. Palmer emphasised that the figures confirmed the fact that the Balearics is a safe destination and so a “plus” point for tourists.

Over the nine months, there were falls in the number of homicides (from eleven to five), in cases of robbery with violence (down 12%) and in domestic burglary with force (a decline of 6.4% to 2,605). However, vehicle theft was up over 13%, with 1,295 cases, and theft rose to almost 23,000 cases.

Palmer explained that there has been some adjustment to the crime statistics in order to bring classification in line with international systems, while the introduction of the new penal code in July has altered certain crime definition.
In Majorca specifically, offences were down by almost 2%. There were four homicides compared with nine in 2014, while other categories, such as robbery with violence (down by 8%) showed a downward trend. In Palma, there was a fall of 1.4%, a similar decline to that in Calvia.