The Council of Majorca is set up a committee to give some order to cycling tourism routes on the island. This will comprise the Council’s departments for sports, transport and infrastructure, and tourism and economic promotion as well as members of Felib, the body that represents the town halls. This initiative was agreed upon at a meeting of the committee for cyclist road safety, at which the necessity to update signage for cycling routes was identified, and so will be into effect through co-operation with Felib and the town halls and the Balearic Institute for Public Safety.

In addition, it has been proposed that there be improvements to the road safety campaign, by utilising social networks and by possibly extending the current scheme of road education for children to activities aimed at adults, especially the elderly.

The meeting of the road safety committee was chaired by the Council’s minister for sport, Francesc Miralles, and others in attendance were the councillor for land and infrastructure, Mercedes Garrido, the director for sport, Marga Portillos, the director for transport, Iñaki Miranda and representatives from Tráfico, the Balearic Cycling Federation, Felib and the public safety institute.
The meeting heard about the schedule for sports events to be held on both the main roads (the carreteras) and urban roads in 2016.