The Balearic government is this week taking part in the climate change summit in Paris, it being represented by the directors of environmental education, quality and waste and of energy and climate change, Sebastià Sansó and Juan Groizard.

President Armengol says of the summit in Paris that it should be “the embryo for a new and much more sustainable planet and the pride for future generations”. As for the Balearic government, she notes that “from its humble position, it would wish to bring about a series of across-the-board policy changes to make viable a sustainable productive system with a clear commitment to renewable energy”. To this end, she is confident in there being a legal culmination: “a law that should have great consensus in the Balearic parliament”.

The regional minister for land, energy and transport, Joan Boned, says that the Paris summit is an opportunity to arrive at agreements that will translate into genuine policies to tackle the advance of climate change. “We must aspire to a model for the Balearics of one hundred per cent renewable energy and free of greenhouse emissions by 2050. And we must act now in order to achieve this goal as part of the strategy for the fight against climate change and establish a plan with defined objectives rather than symbolic gestures.” Boned is stressing that his ministry will be bringing forth laws on renewable energy and sustainable mobility (transport).

Another minister, Vicenç Vidal at environment, says that the Balearics has an important role to play at the summit in emphasising that the Spanish government should not be “hypocritical” in planning emissions’ reductions and climate change measures while at the same time “pursuing oil prospecting projects” which affect the coasts of the Balearics. The summit, believes Vidal, will enable a gathering of ideas “for a strategy of waste management” to be incorporated into future Balearic legislation. He also maintains that environmental education is important as an instrument in dealing with climate change and notes that agriculture (one of his briefs) is a sector hardest hit by this change. “Climate change could have major implications for the Balearics,” Vidal says, in hoping that “brave decisions” are taken in Paris.