Vice-president and minister for tourism, Biel Barcelo announcing the approval of the tax draft today.


As had been signalled earlier in the week, the Balearic government today approved the draft text for the law on the sustainable tourism tax. This draft, having been given the cabinet’s green light, will now pass to parliament for debate prior to approval of the final bill. It is anticipated that, once the parliamentary process has been completed, the tax will come into effect on 1 June.
As the introduction of the tax is being treated as urgent, parliament will begin to consider the draft legislation on Monday next week.

The announcement by the government revealed no more than was already known, to which had been added modifications that were outlined earlier in the week: the age of exemption being 16 and under; 50% reduction after ten days; the full rate to apply between May and October. The rate will vary, depending on season and type of accommodation, from 25 cents to two euros per day per tourist. The government anticipates, in a full year of application, to raise some 80 million euros of revenue from the tax, with this year’s revenue estimated to be 50 million.

Vice-President Biel Barceló, also the tourism minister, said of the tax that it was a social demand on behalf of a majority of citizens who had voted for change (at the regional election last spring). Noting that there has been and remains opposition from business, especially the hoteliers, he added that the debate regarding the tax had been “more social” than that which had surrounded the eco-tax that was approved in 2001 and implemented in 2002 (only to be scrapped the following year). Things have changed since 2001, he suggested, when the eco-tax had been pioneering. There are now similar taxes in regions or cities in almost half the member states of the European Union.

On any possible legal challenge to the tax - one that the hoteliers have raised as a possibility - the finance minister, Catalina Cladera, observed that the tourist tax in Catalonia had been taken before the courts and that they had endorsed it. She and the government are, therefore, relaxed about any legal challenge.

The tax will be aimed at a variety of purposes: natural protection; tackling tourism seasonality; the development of tourism infrastructure; recovery of cultural heritage; research and development projects; training in the tourism sector; investment in social and health facilities.

The government is due to conduct an information campaign through tour operators that will advise tourists as to what the charges will be.


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Andrew Ede / Hace over 5 years

It would depend on how old your son is. Under 16 and there is no charge. Therefore it would be seven euros plus seventy cents VAT. Over 16, fourteen euros plus 1.40 cents VAT.


Jennie / Hace over 5 years

Me & my son are going to calas de Mallorca for 7 nights in a 3 star hotel does any one know how much tourist tax we have got to pay.


Andrew Ede / Hace over 5 years

This is an old report. The tax will now be introduced on 1 July. For a three-star the rate is one euro per person per day, with this going down by 50% after the eighth day. Under-16s are not charged.


Larry / Hace over 5 years

We are in Ibiza starting 27th June to 11th July. How much tax will we be liable for in a 3 star hotel


David Hunt / Hace over 5 years

Booked holiday last year and just been informed by thomson today.It should be part of total holiday price and not included if you have already booked.Will definitely think before going back to Balearics.It will put people off as most people have tight budgets


gary / Hace over 5 years

this new tax is a con we booked for 14 nights in Menorca and was told nothing by the tour operator till about 4 weeks ago by e-mail I phoned up and was told they had only just found out !!!!!!! never con a con I hope this does not come back on the hoteliers when the bookings start to drop and they will ? when people have to pay another £56 approx for 2 people for a fortnights holiday just wait.


Carlos / Hace over 5 years


Deborah: Yes you will have to pay for 4 days.

Mike: Yes it applies also on business trips. Actually even residents have to pay the tax if they sleep a night at an hotel. You get a discount of 50% starting the 9th day (not 10 as stated above).

You can calculate the exact amount at:


Mike / Hace over 5 years

I've already booked apartments for 15 days 3 adults 2 kids so I guess 3x 15 X 2 90 euros Does it apply to business trips? Cos I just decided our trip is a business trip We're all taking our iPads and will be working What happened to free movement within the EU for EU citizens ?


Deborah Bagnall / Hace over 5 years

I have booked a holiday to Majorca for 27th June for a week. As the tax is being introduced on 1st July (as stated in the press today), will I have to pay for 4 days?? It seems no one has the answers!


Elaine / Hace over 5 years

I booked my holiday july 2015 to go to ibiza july 2016 we were not informed and think its wrong to charge this if you have already booked. Also it says depending on your accomedation depends how much you are charged so why are we not informed as to what accomedation . Need my answers please