The Soller train and tram service reopened on Monday following two months of closure for maintenance work and improvements to the tracks and stations. The operator, Ferrocarril de Soller, is anticipating a very good year, having registered over 760,000 train passengers and more than one million tram passengers in 2015. The president, Oscar Mayol says: "The prospects for this year are very positive both in terms of the number of passengers and the number of jobs, with the number of employees almost up to one hundred."

Of the work that has been carried out this winter, there has been a total renovation of some 0.6 kilometres of both rail track and tram track between the town and the port. In addition, there has been a complete dismantling of electrical and electronic parts, including all the existing wiring, as well as complete maintenance carried out by the carpentry workshop.

Specifically, the work has related to renovation of the crossing with the MA-2010 by the station in Bunyola, new track in Tunnel 10, also known as Tunnel 500, the tram track at the entrance to the station in Soller, the new platform at the station in Palma, and repair to sections with crossings. There has also been complete renovation of traction, braking, wiring, controlling, management and driving systems.

The company expects to this year re-introduce the number 21 tram that was badly damaged in a collision with a vehicle last summer.

Since 2006 there has been a total renovation of some 23.5 kilometres of track, of which 19 kilometres correspond to the Palma-Soller railway and 4.5 kilometres to the tramway. The overall length of the railway is 27.3 kilometres, while the tramway between Soller and Puerto Soller is 4.9 kilometres in all.