Palma’s councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor. | Alejandro Sepulveda


Palma's councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor, has issued a message that emphasises calmness and security in the face of threats that have been made to the local police, who themselves are, in her words, continuing to work and making progress.

An urgent press conference was called yesterday following the appearance of threatening graffiti at the home of the public safety director-general, Martó Capó. Pastor said that this was not going to stop the town hall's reorganisation of the police force. She added that there was total confidence in the justice system and its investigations into corruption that are currently subject to gagging orders.

"The threats will not stop us in our duty," stated Pastor, who was wishing to show her support for the "institution" of the local police force. "The majority are people who go to work each day in order to provide a public service to the citizens." She went on to say that the town hall wanted those suspected of criminality to pay and that the rest of the force should be given the dignity to go about their duties as normal, despite the low spirits and insecurity that there are.

On the reorganisation, she stressed that this is moving forward and expects that by the time the current administration ends in 2019 there will be a better service for the public. It does require the renewal of positions of head of human resources and chief of police, procedures for which are underway. "We hope these will be completed as soon as possible, but they are not up to us. Administrative procedures can sometimes take longer than we would like."

Pastor also noted that the town hall has 1.3 million euros for direct investment in the police as well as 450,000 euros for the renewal of its fleet of vehicles.

In the meantime, the force’s now defunct Green Patrol is being investigated for illegal activities and alleged abuse of power.