Antoni Morey from a press conference with the councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor | A. Sepúlveda


It is being reported that the chief of the local police force in Palma, Antoni Morey, will be dismissed tomorrow (Monday). Morey, whose relationship with the town hall has been poor enough for him to seek to resign (he cannot do so for legal reasons), has made this relationship all but untenable following the publication of a letter from him on social media.

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The background to the tensions and conflict is that of the ongoing investigation into corruption allegations against certain members of the police. In this regard, Morey's letter is devastating. While he offers support for some of those detained, he attacks those who have joined the "bandwagon against corruption", haranguing the press for seemingly having taken sides and not questioning the "official" line that comes from politicians. Of these, he says that some have engaged in "lying performances", alluding to a lack of political support for the force. Will these politicians be able to "deny their shameful and deceitful actions"? He argues presumptions of innocence and trust in the police are being lost, with the atmosphere between politicians, investigators (into the allegations) and the police being "war", one in which it is a case of "shoot to kill".