The loss or theft of a British passport in Majorca is expensive. Last year, British tourists spent some 400,000 euros in replacing passports in order to get home and in buying return tickets.

As part of an overall safety campaign, the British Consulate, the source of this information, is drawing attention to the impact of the loss of passports. "It is a significant amount of money that might otherwise be spent while on the island."

If a passport is lost or stolen, British tourists need to apply to the Consulate for an emergency replacement. This costs 131 euros (95 pounds) and is only valid for the return journey. On top of this is the cost of a full replacement: around 100 euros (72.50 pounds).

The Consulate is impressing the need for safety prevention, especially in Magalluf. However, the loss of passports doesn't only occur while out partying. There are also thefts from safes in hotel rooms, even if these are not common. They can also occur just when out walking, meaning that the cost of a family holiday can suddenly zoom up. And if a new ticket for a flight is needed, that is likely to be even more expensive this year because prices have gone up because of increased holiday demand for Majorca.