Public asked to help fight tax fraud. | Ultima Hora

The Balearic Tax Agency (ATIB) has now enabled its system of emailing reports of possible tax offences, one by which members of the public can notify the regional government of suspected fraud.

Specifically, this refers to any tax area for which the ATIB is responsible, among them being wealth tax, property transfer tax and inheritance tax as well as the charge for water treatment, betting tax and the new tourist tax.

The mailbox system operates via ordinary email sent to the ATIB director or by filling out the mail formula on the website. Anyone making a report of which he or she has evidence of possible fraud is assured that this can be done confidentially and without identity being revealed. Whoever makes a complaint will not be able to get any information from the agency and will also not be considered to be an interested party in the event that any proceedings might be opened. Nor will the complainant be entitled to any claims resulting from proceedings.

The mailbox system is one of sixty measures in the anti-fraud plan 2016-2019. An aspect of this plan is to appeal to the public to assist in eradicating behaviour that goes against the common good and so ensure legal, just and equitable tax payments.   

The ATIB director, Maria Antònia Truyols, says that the system of "co-responsibility" which is being created to assist in the detection is a "social duty". "Fraud equates to a loss of wealth for the whole of society."

The measures contained in the plan will, it is hoped and estimated, increase revenue by some ten million euros this year.

In 2015 regional taxes under Balearic management amounted to 668 million euros, an increase of 18.2% over 2014. This was due largely to improved economic conditions and increased property transactions.