The presentation of the campaign which runs all month.


The Fundación de Solidaridad Amaranta, which works against the social exclusion of women and adolescent girls, has launched an awareness campaign on the trafficking of women and girls. Its director, Pilar Casas, accompanied by Antoni Servera, the regional director-general for social services, presented the campaign in Palma on Tuesday. It is aimed at the public in general but especially at younger sections of the population and highlights the issue of slavery in the twenty-first century which particularly affects women and girls.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has estimated that there are more than eleven million women and girls who are victims of trafficking and that each year in Europe some half a million are subjected to sexual and work exploitation. The ILO has pointed to Spain being one of the main destinations for victims.

A feature of the campaign is a mural by the artist Alejandro Corral which involved the participation of more than 2,000 women in 46 countries. Under the title of "black tears", it has been shown in London, Segovia and Valladolid and is now on show at the Flassaders Centre in Palma until 30 April.

The foundation is seeking to actively involve the participation of young people in seeking the eradication of trafficking, while the regional social services ministry is fully supportive of the awareness-raising initiative. The campaign will close on 30 April with a special day of awareness. This will consist of group activities, audiovisual projects and workshops. For anyone wishing to register for the 30 April events, this can be done via the foundation's website: