The Balearic branch of the Tax Agency is reinforcing previous messages about the intention to get tough with the non-declaration of income from rentals, especially those for tourists. It plans to treble the number of inspections made last year, says the agency's special representative in the Balearics, Arnau Cañellas, who has previously said that he expects there to be "overwhelming" results from the campaign.

The agency will have the support of the finance and tourism ministries in the Balearics in order to gather as much information as possible. It has also obtained information from rentals' websites, electricity companies, town halls and various estate agencies.

Cañellas says that similar campaigns have operated over the past three years, though he expects better results this year. As has been reported recently, taxpayers with rental properties (ones known about) have received this message: "According to data available to the AEAT (the national tax agency), you have placed advertisements for property rentals with different media, including the internet. We would remind you that, in the event that you have received income from renting, you should include it in the declaration, as you should any type of income for which tax is due and which is not included in the fiscal data."

Owners who do not declare will face penalties of between 50 and 75% of the amount defrauded in addition to having to pay tax corresponding to income that should have been declared. In the case of owners with a large number of properties, the fines will be up to 150%.