Magalluf beach in high summer. | Nuria Rincon


Magalluf's hoteliers are anticipating an exceptional summer. Occupancy in high season is forecast to be up by almost 7% over last year with prices rising by up to 9%.

The Palmanova-Magalluf hoteliers association issued these forecasts in a joint presentation today with the town hall, which was also attended by the British Consulate and the Guardia Civil. A key message was that Magalluf is preparing for a record number of visitors with a high-quality offer and priority being paid to security.

On security, it was announced that there has been a fall in crime and that this season will benefit from additional security measures and ones aimed at guaranteeing co-existence.

In support of the quality part of this message, it was noted that more than 37 million euros have been invested since last year in renovating up to 18 establishments. Both the town hall and the hoteliers highlighted the strengthening of public and private-sector collaboration. This produced "excellent results" in 2015 and led to new market segmentation of tourist clients, with greater emphasis on adults, couples and families.

It was also stressed that last summer national, regional and local administrations, in collaboration with the consulates of the two principal tourism markets heading for Magalluf, had united with business in the resort in order to undertake a "rigorous" renewal plan to reposition Magalluf.

Among measures is the renovation of hotel stock which involves 86 establishments with 29,000 places and more than 50% of this at four-star level. The non-hotel complementary sector has also been addressed via a genuine transformation in favour of greater quality. This has produced new family and sporting entertainment and ten modern beach clubs which, together with bars, restaurants and music venues, complement the hotels near to the beach. The overall effect has been a new style of quality and sustainability for the "golden mile" on Majorca's south-west coast.

Further to this, the town hall is to launch lines of assistance (financial) for the remodelling of the complementary offer and residential buildings. This will be in line with the decree on the modernisation of mature (outdated) tourist zones and with the general improvement to the image and quality of the resort.

In 2015, the change in tourist profile led to a reduction in the the proportion of youth tourists, in particular those which had prove most problematic on occasions. Reservations this year point to a 21% increase in adults and couples (35% of the total). The rise in family tourism is put at 20%, making 38% of the total. Youth tourism, including those on studies, is expected to increase by 10%, representing 25% of the total tourist client base in Magalluf.

Coming back to hotel occupancy, current forecasts for June and July suggest 84% and 87% respectively. From May to October, a total of 420,000 tourists are expected, which will be an increase of 60,000. British tourists will still be the most important with 52% of the market.