Image captured of an attempt to rob a tourist in Magalluf.


The Guardia Civil have arrested a Nigerian woman for attacking two tourists and two agents with a broken bottle in Magalluf. The woman attempted to thrust the bottle into the side of one of the officers but this resulted in only slight injury because the bottle was impeded by the officer's pistol and handcuffs.

The incident occurred at around 5am on Thursday by the beach in Magalluf. The Nigerian woman, ostensibly plying a trade as a prostitute, offered drugs to two young tourists. When they declined the offer, she began to threaten them, grabbed a beer bottle and smashed it with the intention of attacking them.

A Guardia patrol was passing at the time and officers went to the assistance of the two tourists. Rather than calming down when the Guardia appeared, the woman became more aggressive. It was then that she attacked the one officer with the bottle. The other officer had avoided her attack and, despite being elbowed by the woman, was able to shackle her.

The woman was taken to the Guardia station where the two tourists denounced her, while the attack on the officer led to a charge of attempted murder.