Cruise passengers in Palma find that there are no public toilets.

13-06-2016Miquel A. Cañellas

It's a familiar story. Cruise-ship tourists flood into the centre of Palma, creating overcrowding. To certain voices of disquiet can now be added those who work at establishments along the Paseo Marítimo, overwhelmed by the number of visitors who come in to use the toilets. "Whenever the cruise ships arrive, so do groups of between twenty and thirty people who want to go to the bathroom but never consume anything," says a waitress at a tapas bar. "I have even found underwear in the loo, and it's always getting blocked."

Everyone agrees that the large numbers of cruise passengers are good news for the city. However, not everyone is happy. "Yes, we know that they spend money, but not with us," says the owner of one of the bars affected by the toilet seekers.

The situation is difficult for owners. "Every time they flush the loo, eight or ten litres are used, and I have to pay for it," reports Giovanni of an Italian restaurant. He notes: "For clients who are dining, it isn't agreeable to see a line of people queuing for the toilet."

Restaurant and bar owners along the Paseo agree that they cannot indiscriminately deny access to the toilets. "Children, old people, pregnant women. We let them use the toilets. But there comes a point when it's abusive, and so we have to stop it," adds a waiter at the Italian.

These owners argue that there is a need for public toilets in the centre of Palma but that no one has launched an initiative for them. The town hall maintains that it hasn't had any complaints from businesses, adding that the installation of toilets is in a situation of limbo regarding who has powers for them. It has no plans at present for public toilets.


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Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

Of course they could also try and use the ones in the multitude of local government office buildings spread all over town, the main one being not 200 yards from the Cathedral. I mean they are all subsidised by the taxpayer, which includes bar and restaurant owners.


Mike / Hace over 5 years

I totally agree with the bar /restaurant owners. Have a minimum of education and consume something if using the toilets or go to the toilet before you get of the cruise ship. Going to the toilet also is part of the all inclusive package.


Hvdv / Hace over 5 years

They sh*t, but don't pay ecotasa.


Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

It is pretty typical of Mallorca. They never seem to think through anything. Invite cruise ships loaded with thousands of people on all-inclusive but don't think they will need toilets. It is exactly the same with the cyclists. Invite them to the island but don't provide any 'pit stops' just let the poor old locals put up the shyte - literally!


Picks / Hace over 5 years

How about using some of the tourist tax to build toilets. After all the tourist a will probably be the ones using them most. That's if any money is left after administration costs