This is one way to beat the heat. | Julian Aguirre


The weather website reports that in August the Balearics is historically the fifth hottest region of Spain. From records between 1981 and 2013, an average temperature of 24.6C has been calculated. Ahead of the Balearics are Valencia and Extremadura with 25C, Andalusia on 25.6C and Murcia, the hottest region, with 26.3C.

It was in Murcia, on 4 July 1994, when the highest ever temperature in Spain was recorded, one of 47.2C. That particular weather event also led to the highest historical temperature in Majorca: 44.2C in Muro. There are records of even higher temperatures, not least in Murcia, but those predate the current and far more reliable systems of measurement.

Coming up to the present, Thursday will be another exceptionally hot day in Majorca. The Aemet meteorology agency is forecasting highs of 37C inland and has issued a yellow risk alert. Although the current weather pattern is dominated by light breezes across most of Spain, Friday is expected to be somewhat cooler with a quite strong northeast wind, especially in the north of the island.