Sineu's Much party. | M. Vidal

Sineu's "Much" party, which goes on all day during the town's fiestas for the Mare de Déu d'Agost and is this coming Sunday, is one of the largest gatherings of people (mostly young) for any fiesta event. It does, therefore, bring with it some problems, one of them being the drinking of alcohol in the streets by groups of people (i.e. the "botellón").

There has been a bylaw against street drinking since 2010, though it is only now that it has actually been put into force. Consequently, if there are breaches of the ordinance during the Much party or at other times during the fiestas, there could be fines of up to 3,000 euros.

Because the party falls on Sunday this year, the town hall will be increasing police numbers and dedicating one or two patrols specifically to botellón hotspots, such as the Camp d'en Pineta.

Mayor Miquel Gelabert says that the six-year hiatus was because of "sloppiness" by the previous administration. Despite the bylaw having been approved by the full council, it was then "put in a drawer". The town hall had been going to issue a proclamation to control the botellón at the Much party, only to then discover that the bylaw had never been properly processed and placed on the Official Bulletin. It now has been and, as Gelabert observes, "it gives the local police the means with which they can act against the botellón".