Let's face it, there might be some cause for a girl to worry. | D.O.


What does a girl do if her boyfriend opts to have a holiday with his mates in Magalluf without her? Whitney Travers from Edinburgh has been faced by just this problem. She doesn't much like the idea of boyfriend Kieran Lumsden heading off to Magalluf, where the youth of more than one nation gather and whose hormones are generally fired up.

Whitney therefore took to social media and issued Kieran with some instructions. Her Twitter post has had more than seven thousand re-tweets and received fifteen thousand likes. Whitney, observes Kieran on her profile, has taken her "craziness to another level".

The potential pitfalls of Magalluf are ones with which we are probably all familiar, and Whitney is certainly no exception. Her ten commandments thus read:

1. Make sure your phone is charged at ALL times.
2. No girls whatsoever. Don't look, don't talk, do not touch. (Cheat and I will destroy everything Celtic. I will also make your life a living hell. Kim will be told 2.)
3. (Rule no. 3 is a follow up). Do not follow girls on social media.
4. Tattoo = NAW. You'll be checked when home.
5. Don't mix drink. Drugs are for mugs.
6. If on party boat, no drinking games with the opposite sex.
7. Stay in your own bed.
8. Dinny buy girls drink. That money can be spent on me.
9. Text Kim every day. She'll be worrying.
10. You tell every girl about me. Ok. If someone flirts, walk away.

Whitney concludes with a final commandment - No photos with random girls or SC (Snapchat) stories - before wishing Kieran a nice flight and to stay safe.

Kieran, from what can be ascertained on his own Twitter account, appears to be obeying the commandments.