Costa de la Calma and Santa Ponsa | Michel's

A 45-year-old Irishman was shot dead last night in Costa de la Calma in what the Guardia Civil believe was an apparent attempt to settle scores between rival gangs.

The incident occurred around 21.00 in the calle Santa Ponsa. Three hooded men (and not the one as reported earlier) are said to have fired four shots into the man's back as he was walking with his wife and friends and to then have fled the scene. The Guardia's criminal police suspect, however, that the victim may have been mistaken for someone else who had been the intended target for the shooting. Indications are also that the victim was a tourist.

The area was cordoned off and controls mounted at entry and exit points to Costa de la Calma and Santa Ponsa. Paramedics attempted to resuscitate the victim, who was taken to Son Espases where he was declared dead.