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British holidaymakers have been named the world’s friendliest hotel guests in a survey conducted by beach holiday specialist On the Beach. The survey of staff from 100 hotels around the world gave British holidaymakers the big thumbs up with 32% naming Brits the friendliest, followed by Swedes with 16% and with one in ten voting for Norwegian guests.

To tip or not to tip
Tipping hotel staff whilst on holiday has often caused confusion, with many holidaymakers unsure when tips are expected by restaurant and bar staff as well as the daily cleaning staff who work hard to keep rooms clean.

However, the survey revealed British as the best tippers, with more than one in three (36%) naming British holidaymakers the best tippers. Swedish holidaymakers are also considered good tippers coming in second with 14% of the vote, followed by the usually tip-happy Americans with 11%.

Rude news
Whilst the sun, sea and sand of a beach holiday have most of us in a happy holiday mood, it seems not all holidaymakers extend that mood to hotel staff, with Russian travellers considered the rudest guests with a whopping 31% of the vote. German holidaymakers are named the second rudest with one in five voting for German guests and French travellers named the third rudest, gaining 10% of the vote.

The biggest complainers
Whilst British holidaymakers are considered the friendliest and the best tippers, it’s not all good news, with more than one in three (37%) naming British the biggest complainers amongst hotel guests. French holidaymakers are considered the second biggest complainers, with 12% of hotel staff naming and shaming holidaymakers from France and the Germans completing the top three list of the worst for complaining.

Keep the noise down
The survey also revealed that British holidaymakers are the noisiest guests with a deafening 34% of the vote, followed by Spanish guests with 25%. Russian guests are considered the third noisiest hotel guests with 8% of the vote.

Alistair Daly, chief marketing officer at On the Beach comments: "Our survey shows what a friendly bunch Brits really are, especially when we’re on holiday. However, whilst we’re famous for complaining about the weather here at home, it also shows we continue to grumble when we get to our hotel.

"This survey suggests we’re the noisiest hotel guests but we’re a fun-loving bunch, so it’s usually all good natured."