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Wearing masks in Palma

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Masking the Situation

Admittedly, every aspect of our lives has changed irrefutably, and we all yearn for a miracle return to how things were before.

Peter Clover16/07/2020 00:10

Majorcan beaches

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Too Many Too Soon?

I love Majorca wholeheartedly. To me, the island has always been like a naughty child that is constantly full of surprises.

Peter Clover09/07/2020 10:14



“Those who moan about too many tourists could find that their dream is about to come true...”

Jason Moore08/07/2019 12:23

No complaints about there, you would think: Formentera.


International hotel staff name British holidaymakers world’s friendliest

The British may be the "best" holidaymakers but they also complain more and make more noise than other nationalities.

20/08/2016 00:00