The coast road where the incident occurred is known for being dangerous.


A British resident who lives right in front of where 62-year-old Briton Hilary Jennings was knocked down and killed on the Pollensa to Alcudia road on Tuesday morning has launched a petition to improve safety along the stretch of road.

Oliver Bray from London, who has lived next to the restaurant Can Cuarassa for the past year, said that he saw the aftermath of the accident while his neighbour heard the whole thing.

"She was cleaning her porch. She heard a honk, the screeching of brakes locking up, then the impact. She was first on the scene," Oliver told the Bulletin today.

"Sadly, this accident has been waiting to happen. It’s a national road. Just fifty metres down the road, the limit drops to 70kmph, but it’s not enough. Nearby we’ve got a family hotel and kite surf school, so adults and children are constantly crossing the road to get to the beach.

"I don’t know who is responsible, the traffic department or local council, but I’ve spoken to the hotel and they’re on board, so is the kite surf school and all of my neighbours. We want action taken to prevent an accident of this kind happening again.

"Either the 70 kmph zone is expanded or speed bumps are installed to slow people down as they near the port. I’ve watched and heard cars flying along this stretch of road, not to mention motorbikes, which get up to speeds of 120 or 130 kmph. Something has got to done.

"We’ve got a four-year-old and we’re always so careful. The authorities could start by putting up better road signs, alerting drivers that there are a lot of pedestrians around, crossing the road back and forth to the beach. I don’t want to make commuters’ lives a misery, the road is very handy, but I think safety has to be increased after this tragic accident.

"I’ve set up a petition in English - it will eventually be in Catalan and Castilian - on, but I also intend to simply go knocking on doors to get as many signatures as I can for the campaign for a safer road."

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Kay Jarvis / Hace over 5 years

Hilary was a dear friend of ours at Sole Sisters Running Club back here in England - we are all so sad to lose her. If by signing this petition can help to make a change on ,what seems to be, a very dangerous road then I am keen to put my signature to it. In honour of Hilary and all others runners/walkers out there, lets hope now the authorities will look to reduce the speed limit in that area. Thank you to Oliver for auctioning this petition.


Bekki / Hace over 5 years

I agree that this a very busy stretch and there is no pavement so walking along here can be treacherous. Sadly there has been a fatally for this to be raised again and I hope that the matter gets a swift solution. My heart goes out to the lady's family and friends. Maybe until things are resolved we should take heed now and not walk or run where there is no clear pavement. Is there an alternative walking route that could publicised?


Steve / Hace over 5 years

I drive past there frequently and the runners are just a couple of metres away from the passing cars, if a vehicle has to pull over urgently, - bon anit !


Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

The only real ( and cheapest ) solution would be to build roundabouts at all the junctions and place plant boxes in between the pedestrian / cycling path and the main road.

Although I am not a great fan, one or two speed cameras would help as well.


Steve / Hace over 5 years

Said it before. There is no such thing as a dangerous road, people drive through mountain ranges and ice in bad conditions regularly all over the world. The problem is that there are too many bad drivers here. They drive much too fast for their braking capacity on curves and cambers, and usually disregard vehicle separation rules and speed limits, - especially white vans and taxi drivers. The only realistic guaranteed way to stop an accident due to the above is speed bumps of course, - they work. Have a drive between Western Park and Son Ferrer.


Mike / Hace over 5 years

We are frequent hikers and in May we walked from Lluc Monastery to Pollensa which is for 95% a very nice walk of about 4h30.. But the 5% is the 2 miles part where you walk along a main Lluc-Pollensa road road before turning right into sides roads and sand paths. You really walk on the main road and you are being passed by cars driving very fast just a few centimeters of you. The only alternative is jump into the bushes next the road each time a car comes by Soon or later there will be accidents here aswell