The superyacht Leander in Palma. | Gabriel Alomar


Margarita Dahlberg, president of the Balearic association of nautical businesses and industries, says that there has been a 50% growth in the number of yachts over 30 metres in length that have been coming to the Balearics this summer. There has been a "superyacht" effect, which she believes is largely attributable to last year's scrapping of the registration tax for yachts for rent.

"For the first time we are seeing superyachts anchored in the bay of Palma which used to head for Monaco and Croatia. This shows that the quality of waters, coves and anchorage in the Balearics is unbeatable."

Next summer things could be even better. "We are starting out from low figures, but the percentage increase will be higher next year" with the anticipation that the increases will continue in the following summers.

An additional factor is that yachts that might have gone to Turkey or Croatia for winter maintenance are now coming to the Balearics. While summer is for the nautical tourist sector, in winter it is for its industrial component. This is generating "positive economic benefits for all the islands".

Dahlberg refers to the multiplier effect that superyachts are having for the wider economy. Purchasing power of the yachting clientele is boosting restaurants, luxury car hire, five-star hotels and especially retailers in port areas.

Weekly rental of a superyacht varies according to length. It can be anything from 7,000 euros to 100,000 euros.