Guardia Civil officers at the BH Mallorca hotel where the incident occurred. | Michels

A 20-year-old British tourist has died after falling from the third floor of the BH Mallorca hotel in Magalluf. Emergency services were called at around ten to seven when a body was seen on the ground. The mobile intensive care unit, local police and Guardia Civil all attended the scene, where the man was pronounced dead. It is believed that he may have committed suicide, and reports suggest that he was depressed following the death of his brother.

In a separate incident, a 31-year-old Colombian man was rushed to casualty at Son Espases after he fell down the steps at the Cathedral in Palma and suffered severe head injuries. This occurred just 6.30 this morning.

He had been in the company of a 30-year-old Spaniard who showed signs of having been drinking and of possibly having been involved in a fight. The police are investigating whether the fall was accidental or if there was violence involved, for which there will be a charge of grievous bodily harm.