824 "denuncias" for selling fruit on Calvia's beaches, but how many were being against the same people? | Michels

Calvia's beach police have so far this summer issued 824 "denuncias" against illegal selling. The town hall says that these are evidence of "strong and effective" policing of the sale of perishable items on the beaches. Magalluf has been where most of these police interventions have occurred - 396 acts reported. Santa Ponsa is second on the list but with only 85 reports.

As part of this campaign, there is a unit in Paguera which is specifically controlling the sale of perishables. This involves identifying vehicles transporting fruit to the beaches as well as the actual sellers. Two vehicles were found to have contained produce without minimum health and conservation requirements. The inspection led to the confiscation of 79 coconuts, 24 pineapples and 23 watermelons.

Meanwhile in Calvia, the Partido Popular is accusing PSOE, which provides the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, of having found work at the town hall for half the PSOE candidates on the list for the last municipal election but who were not elected as councillors. The most recent example of what PP leader José Manuel Ruiz calls "cronyism" had to do with the recruitment of facilitators within the department of citizen participation: two of the six recruits had been on the PSOE election list.

Ruiz says that Rodríguez and PSOE are indulging in precisely the same practice of which they accused the PP under Manu Onieva.