Fireworks in 2014. Not this year. | Pere Bota

Calvia town hall yesterday stated that the fireworks' display for Santa Ponsa's Rei en Jaume fiestas tomorrow night had been cancelled because of a failure by the company contracted to meet safety requirements. The company in question, Focs d'Artifici Europlá S.L., hit back today by saying that the cancellation is "exclusively attributable to the town hall".

The company adds that the refusal of the national government delegation to let the fireworks go ahead was on account of "errors and last-minute changes" including those in respect of the location of the display contained in the safety and emergency plan which the organiser, i.e. the town hall, is obliged to present.

It goes on to say that it warned the town hall in adequate time - on 3 September - of its legal responsibilities in respect of the correct drafting and presentation of documents. The cancellation, it claims, is the consequence of a lack of diligence by the town hall.

The town hall, which said yesterday that it would be looking at seeking damages for the cancellation, faces a counter claim. The company states that it will start all legal action necessary for compensation because of the cancellation.