It rained in Palma today, and the city was full of wet visitors. | Teresa Ayuga


Some long-awaited heavy rain arrived today, although it was mostly confined to southern parts of the island. There was a heavy downpour in Palma that brought down a tree near to a nursery school in the centre of the city and which caused those out on the streets to hunt for improvised shelter.

And there were a lot of people in Palma. As is typical, when the weather prevents tourists being on the beach or by the pool, many of them descend on the city. Traffic was heavy on the motorway into the city and then along the Paseo Marítimo. Police put a barrier up at the Cathedral car park in order to stop queues of cars backing up and along the road. The Paseo Mallorca car park was another that was full. There were lengthy queues at its entrance points.

The rain also contributed to accidents, including a multiple crash on the Llevant motorway. An electric storm led to the closure of some beaches; Santa Ponsa was one.

The Aemet meteorology agency is forecasting more rain for the Balearics on Wednesday. This could be locally heavy early on, with storms more likely to occur in the east of the islands.