The Guardia Civil picked up illegal immigrants on the Llucmajor coast. | Teresa Ayuga

Nine Algerians were detained this morning when the Guardia Civil intercepted a group who had arrived in a "patera" at Cala Pi in Llucmajor. (A patera, rather than just meaning a small boat, is a reference to one used by illegal immigrants that is often not seaworthy.)

A Guardia patrol initially located seven people who had been spotted by local police. Land and sea searches subsequently identified two more people as well as the boat that was tied to rocks in the Cala Pi area. All of the nine were carrying backpacks that contained wet clothing. None had regular documentation.

They were given health checks and then handed over to the National Police to initiate proceedings for their transfer to the immigration detention centre on the mainland and their return to Algeria.

The boat was some 4.5 metres in length, white and with a motor. A similar boat was found on the coast in Santanyi in June. Three others were located in 2015 - one was also in Santanyi while the other two were in Sant Josep in Ibiza and in Formentera. Two more boats had arrived in 2014: one in Cabrera in June of that year, and the second at Christmas time, again in Santanyi.