Springs are shorter, summers are longer in Majorca. | Nuria Rincón


A group of researchers at the University of the Balearic Islands have conducted a study of temperatures at Palma airport over the past 40 years and have found that for all bimonthly periods the average temperature has risen.

The most notable increase, though, is for May-June. There has been a 0.7C increase each decade. The total rise in temperature is, therefore, close to three degrees. This is more than three times a global average of 0.18C per decade and more than double an average of 0.24C for the same latitude as the Balearics.

The 0.7C rise contrasts with a whole year increase of 0.43C per decade. One of the researchers, Agustí Jansa, a former director of the Balearic Meteorological Centre, says that the warming which has been accentuated in the May-June period points to a reduction in normal spring weather and so a lengthening of summer.

This is a phenomenon, he adds, which can be observed elsewhere: on the mainland, in north Africa, in the rest of the western Mediterranean and parts of France. He attributes this climate change to a subtropical anticyclone that dominates the weather in July-August having expanded to include the previous two months, thus making summer longer.