Projects for water have been given priority when it comes to spending tourist tax revenue. | Archive


Over 220 proposals for tourist tax revenue funding have been submitted by the various organisations which comprise the commission for the promotion of sustainable tourism. As previously noted, 88 of these have come from town halls which have presented their proposals to Felib, the federation for local authorities, which is represented on the commission. Others have come from island councils and bodies such as unions and the business confederation, CAEB. Palma town hall has separate representation on the commission and has submitted its own proposals.

Of the proposals, 105 of them are projects for water. The commission established an annual plan in September which gave priority to these projects. Other proposals are in accordance with purposes for which tax revenue will be used (as set out in the sustainable tourism tax legislation). Five per cent of the proposals do not meet these requirements and will not be considered.

Most of the proposals are for Majorca. Under the legislation, Majorca can be allocated a maximum of 74.82% of the revenue and a minimum of 68.14%. According to the finance ministry, some 33 million euros of tax revenue have been collected. The total value of all the proposals submitted is 180 million, so the commission's executive committee will now spend the next few weeks evaluating them before presenting the selection to the full meeting of the commission in early December. The government's cabinet will then have to approve them.