An award for the coveted black pig prizes at Inca's Dijous Bo. | Pere Bota


President Armengol was in her home town today for Inca's Dijous Bo. The fair of fairs, as it is referred to, benefited from mostly blue skies, and the president tweeted that it was "a splendid day". She was greeted by Inca's mayor, Virgilio Moreno (like her a member of PSOE), and the two visited the numerous stalls and attractions along with other leading politicians, such as the environment and agriculture minister, Vicenç Vidal, the parliamentary spokespeople for Més and the Partido Popular, David Abril and Marga Prohens, and the leader of El Pi, Jaume Font.

The good weather brought out people in their thousands to enjoy traditional events, such as the contest for the best Majorcan black pig, and a new one - the first ever ensaimada fair. Indeed, it was reckoned that a record number of people descended on Inca: additional trains and car parking had been laid on.