Rain in Palma. | Morey


Make the most of the dry and mild weather today because the first real cold and wet snap is going to sweep across the Balearics this weekend.

So far, the December weather has exceeded all expectations with temperatures reaching as high as 20ºC in Pollensa last weekend, 8ºC higher than usual.

In fact, on average, maximum temperatures have been an average of  between  2ºC and 4ºC higher than the average for this time of year.

But, the first of the showers can be expected in isolated parts of the Balearics today, but they are not forecast to be significant.

It is tomorrow when the cold front is going  to really start showing its full force with heavy showers and outbreaks of torrential  rain expected this evening and over night.

On Saturday, the situation is forecast to get even more complicated with the easterly winds picking up with gusts of between 60 and 70 kilometres per hour which are going to make conditions feel even colder.

On Saturday, maximum temperatures will struggle to reach 15ºC while on Sunday, the maximums will be even lower, although the over night temperatures will rise slightly.

However, easterly winds will be even stronger on Sunday with gusts of 100 kilometres per hour in the north and north east of the island.

The cold front will move away on Monday but the rest of the week will continue to be unsettled.