Yesterday's meeting of the Calvia security board.


The foreign tourist service (SATE) in Magalluf attended to 7,500 people of 87 different nationalities in 2016. They reported having suffered some sort of crime, and the office was the most in demand of all such offices in Spain.

The information was given at a meeting yesterday of the Calvia security board, which was attended by the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, the national government delegate, Maria Salom, the chief colonel of the Guardia Civil, Jaume Barceló, the minister for public administration, Catalina Cladera, and various other town hall and police representatives.

Salom praised the excellent coordination and joint work of the Guardia Civil and local police, and she linked the good tourism seasons being enjoyed in Calvia and the Balearics to the security that is provided.

It was agreed at the meeting that local police will assist Guardia Civil officers at the SATE office this year. The number of tourists, noted Salom, requires more effort and more means. The interior ministry has been asked for more officers this summer and for them to come for at least four months rather than three. The government delegation is also working on increasing the international mixed patrols in Calvia resorts.

In addition, Salom referred to the good cooperation in joint investigations last summer, such as one which ended in the dismantling of an Albanian gang which had been responsible for more than a hundred robberies in various parts of Calvia. There were also joint operations against street selling and violence by prostitutes.

On the issue of the prostitutes, the town hall issued a formal invitation to the Guardia Civil to join a technical working group addressing prostitution and sexual exploitation. This group considers issues of human trafficking and public safety.

The town hall also raised with the Guardia Civil the use of the Magalluf hashtag on social networks, which it believes can relate to illegal job offers or the sale of drugs.

Although the level of serious crime in Calvia came down, there was a slight increase in the total number of crimes, especially because of theft on beaches.


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Action is required to clean-up Magaluf,not the same old talking shop that we hear every year,action,not talk.