Complaints have been made about the timing of the work. | A. Bassa

As reported in Saturday's Bulletin, work on the Paseo Marítimo in Cala Bona was started by Son Servera town hall at the start of this month. It is one of various projects which will cost up to 1.5 million euros and which are said to amount to a "genuine revolution" in terms of infrastructure improvements prior to the tourism season.

However, as was noted on Saturday, there is another type of revolution - one among businesses which are not at all happy about the work only having started in February and being due to last until the end of April at the earliest. The tourism season in Cala Bona, as with elsewhere in Majorca, is starting earlier than used to be the case, and work such as this is inconvenient for businesses and the early tourists.

The Paseo Marítimo work between the calles Mestral and Tramuntana is costing at least 367,000 euros (half a million was quoted in Saturday's report). To this can be added 180,000 euros for work starting this week on remodelling the Joan Servera Camps avenue in Cala Millor.

Another project is due to start shortly - 306,000 euros for the first phase of an improvement to the calle Pintor Miquel Vives, the old road between Cala Bona and Costa de los Pinos. There has been a demand for this work, as there has been for the Paseo Marítimo, for a number of years, specifically because of drainage and flooding problems.

In addition, there are 354,000 euros for pavement work on the calles Son Gener and Son Corb as well as the renovation at the mirador viewing-point in Costa de los Pinos. Another project is for improvements to the calle Rafalet.

The town hall is at pains to point out that none of this work means any bank debt as it is being paid for with town hall funds and grants. There is no question that the projects are needed, but there are other questions as to the timing, especially the Paseo Marítimo work.