Palma's residents federation is launching a petition against holiday rentals.

30-03-2016Miquel A. Cañellas

Palma's federation of residents associations is to start a petition against holiday rentals in apartment buildings in the whole of the city. Its president, Joan Forteza, says that the federation is making an "urgent appeal to the citizens" because the proliferation of rentals is contrary to co-existence, the model of the city and traditional trade. Moreover, it means that local people end up moving and that there is "gentrification".

Each Saturday from today until 1 April, signatures will be collected at three places in the city: the intermodal station, Plaça Olivar and the calle Sindicat on the corner with Porta de Sant Antoni. Times will be from 10.00 to 14.00; information will also be available.

The federation hopes to raise at least 5,000 signatures during March and then deliver the petition to the regional government and the town hall. It may well extend the period into April, committed as it is to stopping holiday rentals in all parts of the city, such as Blanquerna and El Terreno, and not just in the old centre.

Forteza adds that the model of co-existence will change in no time as will the look of the city because of redevelopments of a different style. In this respect he points to - and here's a new word - "nordification", as can be seen in El Molinar. Moreover, holiday rentals are going to bring about "great tension" among resident communities, and he criticises the draft for the legislation on holiday rentals because it has created alarm among residents. There has been, he argues, a lack of dialogue and political sensitivity by the tourism ministry, which has "totally ignored residents".


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Spanron / Hace over 4 years

How do we know those owners are not paying their tax? Of course that is their responsibilty. I wouldn't be against an owner who has one apartment and is trying to make enough money to get through the month. But I have read that in Palma some owners - or probably their agents - have dozens, even hundreds of apartments on the web. I think this needs to be looked at. I blame the hoteliers for the number of tourists who want to rent apartments. Their exhorbitant prices are the most expensive in the country. And if workers can't find reasonable rents in the city, they have to move out to cheaper areas. Tourism ministers are now off on another 'jolly' to Berlin this time, to encourage more German tourists to come to Palma. Berlin has banned AirBnb, so maybe they will be asking them how they managed to do this!


Louise / Hace over 4 years

The big problem every one ignores is that if apartment holiday rentals are allowed then the normal working person has to leave a property in march and there are not long term rental through the summer. There is a huge shortage of 1 year rentals on the market today and we should cater for the people who live on the island or come to the island to work and not just short term rent out apartments in palma as there is no where for the normal people to live. I am in real estate and I recover calls everyday for normal long term rentals but we have nothing . This year worse than last. Wake up mallorca and stop being so greedy and rule out apartment Rentals. It also is very disturbing as I listen to 5 Italians hanging out the window below me on their holiday !!! I am waking up and they are going to bed !!! They have kept me awake since 4pm. Owned by a Mallorquina family who rent out their apartment every week to different people and pay no tex. I suppose that's fair is it?


Ron / Hace over 4 years

I expect this protest is organised by the rich and powerful who live in the casco antiguo around the cathedral. Narrow streets, tourists walking by and nowhere to park their cars. Meanwhile the hoteliers are busy converting the old properties into boutique hotels. The tourists come - like what they see - and rent an apartment the next time, as the hotel prices are outrageous. Those tourists are the ones who keeps the bars, restaurants, shops, taxis etc. in business. Lifeblood of the city!


mina / Hace over 4 years

yes Harry, I do agree. if it wasn't for rentals many small business wouldn't make it. The all inclusive hotels really don't benefit the island. Generally people that stay in all inclusive situations don't spend outside the hotel.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

You might just find that you are shooting yourselves in the foot here as if it was not for those who rent apartments,not just in Palma but in all the tourist resorts,a great many cafes,restaurants,bars,shops,travel companies that offer day trips and other businesses would go bust since they get very little business from those who go all-inclusive,unemployment could rocket.