Cala Millor work is drawing complaints.


Complaints about infrastructure work in Son Servera's resorts are increasing. More than a week ago the Bulletin exclusively reported about the anger in Cala Bona that is being caused by work on the Paseo Marítimo. The On Son Servera (ON SS) party is adding its voice to the criticisms, saying that now is not the time to be creating inconvenience, given that hotels are opening early for the season. Residents are also concerned about the various projects and the impact they will have at Easter.

The town hall has confined itself to saying that it is spending 1.5 million euros without needing any bank credit to pay for the works. But Antoni Cànovas of ON SS, one of the opposition parties, is pointing to the fact that roads will be closed for more than a month and cause problems for traffic and parking in both Cala Bona and Cala Millor. Work on the Joan Servera Camps avenue started on 1 March and this is expected to take two months.

This is the most important road in Cala Millor in terms of access, and Cànovas argues that work will have a negative impact on tourism; thousands of tourists are expected in April. The work on the avenue involves the laying of a form of cobble, something which is adding to concerns because of increased noise pollution from vehicle tyres.

He adds that the town hall should recall the experience with previous schemes for cobbling roads. Because of heavy vehicles, such as coaches and delivery trucks, these have in a short period of time become dirty and unsightly. In his opinion, re-tarmacking would have been less costly and caused far less inconvenience. The road would need to have been closed for only a week rather than for two months or more.