Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. Majorca provided locations for Cloud Atlas. | R.C.


A "movie map" of Majorca has been presented at the Berlin ITB tourism fair. The map shows locations used for films and television series that have been shown and broadcast in numerous countries.

The presentation was by Paula Ginard, the director for tourism at the Council of Majorca. She said that it is all about sustainable tourism that allows a reduction of pressure in the high season and brings visitors in the medium and low seasons. Majorca is, therefore, not only being promoted for its film locations but also to attract tourists to locations that have been used for filming.

The head of the Majorca Film Commission, Pedro Barbadillo, also took part in the presentation. He highlighted the link being made between the island's main industry (tourism) and the audiovisual industry.

The map includes specific routes for locations in Palma and the Tramuntana mountains as well as anecdotes about actors when they were in Majorca. Among the films highlighted are Cloud Atlas and Bahía de Palma, a 1962 film which starred Elke Sommer. She was filmed wearing a bikini (albeit briefly) in what was something of a propaganda movie.

A few years ago, a database with film clips and locations was due to have been developed at the now defunct Microsoft centre in Palma's ParcBit. It didn't come to fruition.