A suspension of hotel licences is part of the wider debate about "saturation" in Palma. | Miquel A. Cañellas


The federation of residents' associations in Palma has issued its latest demand. This is that the town hall should suspend for three years the granting of licences for any new city hotels.

According to the federation, if things continue as they are, there will be something in the region of thirty more hotels by the end of the year. This takes into account hotels which have recently opened, which are being worked on or which have licences for work to be undertaken. The result would be 1,200 new hotel places, an increase "of the massification and saturation which all citizens are already suffering".

In addition, there needs to be new regulation of tourist activity in the city. "Palma urgently needs its principal economic activity, tourism, to be regulated," says the federation, which is also calling for it to be involved in the process of regulation.

"We have to define what types of hotels we want in the centre of Palma: where they are located and conditions that need to be complied with." The federation stresses a further need, which is that for any new hotel places, two existing ones should be eliminated.

The town hall is today due to announce measures regarding city hotels. It is believed that there could be a temporary suspension of licences. Information on holiday rentals in the city is also expected to be given.