The plan for Magalluf's infrastructure.

The main focus of a plan for reorganisation in Magalluf is the Sa Marina wetland area. This is the second such plan, the first one was during the 1990s, and it envisages a recovery of the Marina land, more open spaces, larger green areas and more pedestrianisation.

Following the private investment in the resort, Calvia town hall has now unveiled its plan. It hopes there will be consensus with businesses and residents for what will be included in a new general urban plan. The main aim is to change the "model" of Magalluf that is parallel to the beach and also away from the front line. Fundamentally, there is a wish to open up Marina to the sea; it has become isolated because of development.

In order to achieve this, there will be changes to the calles Blanc and Galió. They will become wide, tree-lined avenues and semi-pedestrianised. There will be a change to the traffic system so that there are more pedestrian zones between the beach line and the calles Punta Ballena, Cala Blanca and Torrenova.

There is also a proposal for park and ride and bike lanes. But in order to reduce traffic in the centre of Magalluf and to pacify traffic along Blanc and Galió, there will also be a lengthening of the calle Greco to the Cala Figuera carretera. It will also be a tree-lined avenue and have pedestrian and bike paths.

The recovery of Marina will involve the removal of what remains of Aquapark and the karting so that these areas will once more form part of the wetland.

The paseo marítimo is to be remodelled so that there is more vegetation, while use is to also be made of land reserves for the construction of affordable protected housing for residents and workers.