Holiday rentals. There are advantages and disadvantages. |


Generally speaking, a majority of the Balearic public supports holiday rentals. This is according to a survey by the University of the Balearic Islands on behalf of the Balearic Tourism Agency.

However, the opinions vary from island to island. In Ibiza there is less support. Holiday rentals on that island have led to problems with accommodation. The percentage in favour in Ibiza is 36%, compared with 57% in Majorca, 53% in Minorca and 51% in Formentera. These percentages are similar when it comes to assessing the positive effects of holiday rentals.

More than half the respondents recognise that rentals help families financially and that there are advantages for places in the Balearics which do not normally benefit from tourism. There is therefore a positive impact on jobs and local economies.

A further plus point is a cultural one. Holiday rentals, it is believed, improve cultural exchange and understanding. They provide an opportunity to get to know people from other countries and to learn new languages and customs.

Nevertheless, over a half of those surveyed accept that rentals contribute to the "saturation" of places normally used by residents. They are also a cause of traffic congestion, especially in Formentera (which had a 62% rating for this).

In Ibiza and Formentera, a majority view is that tourists staying in rented accommodation cause a breakdown in coexistence by adding to noise and even to acts of vandalism. This opinion isn't shared to the same degree in Majorca (34.5% think so) or in Minorca (41%). As to holiday rentals meaning that residents have to leave, a majority in Ibiza agrees, while in Majorca only 26% do.

Over half of the respondents noted that holiday rentals don't benefit them personally or their financial situation.