Etiqueta 'Saturation'
Public opinion favours limits to sunbeds and parasols on beaches such as Es Trenc.


Public opinion divided on the need for tourist limits

Support for holiday rentals restrictions and limits to vehicles in certain areas. Rejection of the "imposition" of Catalan.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/05/2018 00:00

Holiday rentals. There are advantages and disadvantages.

Holiday rentals

Just over half of Majorcans are in favour of holiday rentals

Over a half of those surveyed accept that rentals contribute to the "saturation" of places normally used by residents.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter22/04/2017 00:00

Cala s’Almonia in Santanyi is prone to "massification".


One more time, it's saturation: the week in Majorca

Politicians, hoteliers, tour operators were arguing over saturation and prices in Berlin. Palma hoteliers were having a pop at the town hall. The taxi drivers were planning a vote. And a luxury yacht was no more.

Andrew Ede12/03/2017 00:00

Balearic tourism minister Biel Barceló and Palma mayor José Hila with national tourism minister Alvaro Nadal and secretary of state for tourism Matilde Asián.


Positive noises for German tourism in Berlin

Environmentalists GOB, no strangers to making an intervention at the Berlin fair, chose the first day to denounce the negative effects of tourist saturation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter09/03/2017 00:00

The Lluc-Soller road was one that needed to be closed, while there was advice for drivers to use snow chains.


Snow, saturation, TripAdvisor sanction: the week in Majorca

There was a spot of weather, hoteliers were blaming holiday rentals for saturation, a minister was concerned about talk of "tourismphobia", and a top chef learned that TripAdvisor can be costly.

Andrew Ede22/01/2017 00:00

The Balearic government is insisting that the tourist tax will not go up in 2017.

Tourist tax

Government ruling out tourist tax increase next year

Barceló said that the government has never spoken about there being too many tourists.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/10/2016 00:00

Allure of the Seas. If there is better management of cruise ship schedules, then "saturation" can be avoided.


"Cruise ships do not cause saturation"

"I believe that Palma's cruise tourism should continue to grow unimpeded."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/10/2016 00:00

Two cruise ships docked in Palma's port this summer.


Yet more cruise ships for Palma next year

The scheduled increase for next year is bound to fuel more complaints about "saturation" of the city by cruise passengers.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/10/2016 00:00

On Saturday, hundreds of cyclists paid tribute to Biel Llull.


Turning off water and another road tragedy: the week in Majorca

The water crisis meant that beach showers were being turned off. Palma's mayor insisted there was no tourist "saturation". Jaume Matas had struck a deal. And a drunk driver ended a father's life.

Andrew Ede18/09/2016 00:00

Cruise passengers in Palma, but is "saturation" being rather overstated?


Public believe benefits of increased tourist numbers outweigh disadvantages

The survey conducted 680 interviews, 400 of them in Palma. Adán notes that the saturation sensation is felt more acutely in Palma.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter22/08/2016 00:00

"Saturation" in Palma, but was it Palma that was the justification for the talk of saturation?


Saturation and assassination: the week in Majorca

Politicians were having us believe you can't move for tourists in Majorca, while they were also lining up action against car rental. Magalluf wasn't getting any better. And there was a shocking murder in Costa de la Calma.

Andrew Ede21/08/2016 00:00

Balearic government looking to avoid more "saturation" of tourists.


Barceló says it's not possible to limit the number of tourists

While Barceló accepts that it is not possible to limit the actual number of tourists, there can be a limit established on the number of tourist places (in accommodation).

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/08/2016 00:00