Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, with representatives of organisations that will tackle prostitution.


Calvia town hall has announced two new initiatives as part of the continual crackdown on behaviour in the municipality’s main resorts, in particular Magalluf and Santa Ponsa.

This coming week, five extra members of the local police are going to be assigned to the night patrol which, in practice, means that the night beat has been increased by nine officers this summer. The town hall said yesterday that this move is further proof that it is committed to increasing safety and security in the main resorts and nighttime trouble spots and ensuring that the local bylaws are enforced.

The measure has been taken in response to pleas from resident associations and local businesses which have complained to the council about late night and early morning problems caused by alcohol and drug abuse.

"We want to continue with our drive of creating resorts for quality tourism where residents, businesses and holidaymakers can enjoy the summer in harmony," a town hall source said.

Last week, Calvia made an official application to the national government delegate to the Balearics, Maria Salom, for more police. She said that more police will be forthcoming and that the various security forces will be operating in much closer cooperation this season.

The second initiative is aimed at controlling "prostitution" in the resorts. The town hall signed an agreement with Medicos del Mundo, the Red Cross and Casal Petit, three non-governmental organisations which, among other things, are committed to tackling the problem of prostitution.

The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez, signed the multi-party agreement, explaining that it is not only a case of moving the prostitutes on, it is about helping them to get off the streets and re-establish a normal life, live in safety with their families, rejoin society and find proper work. The three agencies have the skills and experience to do just that.